Your LinkedIn Profile Can Stand Out!

Can you imagine trying to pick out one specific snowflake in a blizzard? That's what it's like trying to be found among the 475 MILLION LinkedIn profiles!

Connection Goals builds relevant keywords into your Profile so you can be found in LinkedIn searches. We don't simply copy the content from your resume and repeat it on LinkedIn, we use that information and enhance it - since we're not limited to one or two pages! We add charts, graphs, articles, and other items that will make your Profile more desirable.

We also use the Profile Summary section of LinkedIn to build value by summarizing your professional history and we inject your personality and work style into this section so you'll stand out from others.

Here's what we do:

  • We talk with you about how LinkedIn can be helpful for your Connection Goals
  • We build a LinkedIn Profile that is relevant to your Goals – whether you’re using it to help you find a new job, connect with recruiters, remain in contact with colleagues and peers, or even to give you greater exposure as a subject matter expert
  • We use the special features that LinkedIn offers to your benefit – making your Headline, Profile Summary and even your Contact Information work for you
  • We also offer Coaching that will help you to continue to use LinkedIn to further your Connection Goals

In everything we do at Connection Goals, we emphasize that you are important to us and you deserve a LinkedIn Profile that reflects you at your best!

Let's Build Your LinkedIn Profile Today!

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