Fingerprints Are Unique ... and so are You!

Connection Goals focuses on your specific and unique resume needs. We recognize that writing your own resume can be a difficult task for most people - so we take that task off your To-Do list. Also, since we write lots of resumes, we know what language works best in a resume when job hunting, and what makes you look dated, out-of-touch or like a newbie with little relevant experience.

While you may not see how the combination of your skills, experience, training, education and accomplishments make you a valuable job candidate -- we do! In your initial conversation with Connection Goals, (that's right - we talk directly with you and don't force you to fill out a lengthy questionnaire,) we'll talk about your priorities, your desires and even the hiccups in your employment history. Then we'll pull all that information together to build a resume that positions you well for your future - rather than just re-hashing your past.

Here's what we do:

  • We talk with you about your current/past employment history
  • We help you explore what you’d like to do next
  • We research jobs that are of interest to you
  • We highlight your previous accomplishments that are relevant to the job you want
  • We build a resume that focuses on what’s next – not what’s in the past

Don't worry, at Connection Goals, we don't use canned templates that don't represent you at your best and we don't use canned content that is offered to everyone on the Internet. You're important to us and you deserve a resume that is written just for you!

Let's Build Your New Resume Today!

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