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We often see websites with many Social Media links. We also hear that Social Media is an effective way to promote yourself and your business - and it is - when it's used correctly!

If we could explore the Twitter universe, we'd find tons of dusty and neglected Twitter accounts that never lived up to their promise. The same goes for Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc, etc. People race to Social Media thinking that it will solve all of their marketing problems. Many organizations and individuals establish multiple Social Media accounts without taking the time to create one, unified and effective Brand. A Brand Identity is important so your clients, customers, followers, colleagues, peers and even your competition can immediately recognize you.

When I created Connection Goals, I thought long and hard about the message that I want to communicate, and with whom I'd like to connect. I realized that initially, I'd only need a limited number of Social Media accounts to get my message out to my intended audience. Once a brand is established, then it's important to take a measured approach to your Social Media activity - you don't want to tweet 10 times this week and then have nothing to say for the next month. One of the secrets to effective Social Media activity is to be consistent and constant in your communication. (By the way - constant doesn't mean every day, but it does mean that you don't neglect your accounts for months at a time.)

There is so much more to say about Social Media, creating a Brand Identity and developing a marketing plan. At Connection Goals, we'll help you to evaluate the social media options that will work best for you.

Here's what we do:

  • We talk with you about your social media goals
  • We help you evaluate the most effective way for you to use social media
  • We can help you develop a plan for your social media implementation
  • We build your brand identity across the relevant social media accounts
  • We can create your social media content and post to the most useful accounts to get the social media following that you desire

Don't worry, at Connection Goals, we make certain to build a brand identity that fits your Connection Goals and we help you to utilize social media in a way that represents you well. You're important to us and you deserve a social media presence that's interesting, productive and that enhances your vision for your brand.

Let's Get Social Today!

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