Websites Should Make Sense!

Most of us can agree that convertibles look great and have lots of fun bells and whistles ... but driving one in Alaska won't give you the best value - after all, you'll only be able to use the best features very rarely. Similarly, when you're building a website, you don't want a bunch of confusing and costly extras - you want a website that represents you and your business clearly and attractively.

At Connection Goals, we build websites that will be informative and easy-to-navigate for your visitors.

We encourage our clients to take advantage of the most relevant web technology while making sure not to annoy your visitors with unnecessary and extraneous functionality. We don't use new technology that might be confusing for website visitors just because we want to try something new. But we do incorporate new advances that make your website look better and make it easier to understand.

Here's what we do:

  • We talk with you about your website needs
  • We build navigation that’s easy for your visitors to understand and use
  • We help you create content that gives you and your business the credibility you need to succeed
  • We use the latest and most relevant website building “best practices” to prevent hacking and spam, and we add metadata to improve your search engine rankings, and more
  • We also help you with design, graphics, images and other features so your site looks good and functions well
  • We remain respectful of your budget and time constraints and don’t try to sell you those unnecessary bells and whistles that drive up cost but don’t have added value

At Connection Goals, we'll work with you to give your business the Internet presence that's most effective for your future.

Let's Build Your Website Today!

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